We utilize a "Global Network" approach on every project by enlisting the help of fellow patient advocates, nonprofits, advisors, and subcontracted experts.  This enables us to put together the best team for each initiative we take on.

Coalitions.  IFAA believes in collaboration.  We currently participate in over a dozen coalitions, working with other organizations worldwide to ensure we can take action on issues that are important those affected by these diseases.  Learn more about our coalition work. 

Like all nonprofits, we are governed by aBoard of DirectorsWe keep this volunteer Board small (under 8) in order to streamline our productivity.  We select members for the Board that bring a specific expert skill to the organization (project management, education, marketing, etc). 


From the way we have created our unique organizational model that puts the patient at the heart of all we do to implementing projects that are changing the landscape of healthcare, we are leading the way for 'next generation nonprofits'. 

our unique organization model

We work simply and effectively.  Our 'core team' includes the CEO, Co-Founders, Employees (under 5 at all times), and two levels of volunteers:


are volunteers who have been with IFAA for a minimum of 3 months & who dedicate significant time to helping create & run our programs.


are volunteers who support the nonprofit by helping on projects, sharing programs, and fundraising.

Most of our initiatives include the voice of the patient population, in addition to the opinions of our core team.  So from the CEO to volunteers to the public, we involve the patient at every level!