It is our responsibility as a public run charity to inform our supporters exactly, dollar for dollar, how we spend our grants and donations, specifically how those dollars are used to give back to the community.  We are proud of the impact we have achieved since our inception in 2011, and look forward to what next year will bring as we continue to ramp up our efforts. 

Additional information about our organization can also be found at, the main resource for investigating charity transparency.

We are committed to dedicating 90% of all gifts to programs that benefit the community.  We average 25-30 "active volunteers", or IFAA Representatives, year around and they donate an average minimum of 30 minutes a week to helping the team, but many donate much more.  In 2015, our volunteers logged over 8,000 hours working on programs to help our community, resulting in $214,000 worth in donated contractor fees.  This type of commitment has enabled IFAA to bring major impact to the world of Autoimmune Arthritis, and this, combined with the generous gifts from our supporters and sponsors, will allow IFAA to continue forward as a leader in the community.

As we grow, we will continue to rely on the generosity of sponsored supporters and the kind gifts from the community to continue to identify and solve the most pressing issues faced by our community today.