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We are not representing the patient voice, we are the patient voice.

Those who are part of IFAA are change agents, using our voices to identify and solve the most pressing community problems.   

​Combined, there are over 150 autoimmune diseases, autoinflammatory diseases, and conditions that may involve some form of arthritis.  However, less than two dozen autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases include a type of arthritis as a major clinical component ("Autoimmune Arthritis" and "Autoinflammatory Arthritis", or AI Arthritis), and even fewer of these diseases include arthritis as a major clinical component at onset.   

We believe that the experiences of those affected by these diseases are vital to improving the lives of those currently diagnosed and changing the lives of future generations, who will tell their stories of early diagnosis, personalized treatments, common remission, and a world who understands the type of arthritis associated with our diseases.